Friday, June 17, 2011

New Unitarians in India Chalices

ICUU Founders Vision

In commemoration of the 15 years of its existence, the International Conference of Unitarian and Universalist the global organization of the Unitarian and Universalist decided to honour15 individuals UUs from around the world with the ICUU Founder’s Vision Award.

Rev. Carlywell Lyngdoh of the Unitarian Union is one of the 15 recipients of the prestigious award. The Award was presented to him by Rev. P.G.Marbaniang during the 146 Birth anniversary celebration of H.K. Singh. 

H.K. Singh’s 146 Birth Anniversary Celebrated

H.K.Singh 146 Birth Anniversary was celebrated on the 15 of June at the Unitarian Church, madan Laban Shillong. The service was started at 1 PM in the presence of a large gathering of Unitarians and well wishers. The solemn ceremony was conducted by Rev. P.G. Marbaniang who light the chalice to welcome the entire congregation and the service was led by Riana Nongbri.

Students of the H.K. Singh Secondary School, Jowai presented a group song and the Unitarian Church Madan Laban Choir group presented a choir in the gathering. The speaker in the gathering was Roosevelt Pariat, Chairman of the Unitarian Church, Jowai and a prayer was offered by Rev. Nangroi Suting General Secretary of the Unitarian Union Northeast India.

The speaker dealt at length with the life and work of Babu Hajom Kissor Singh and reminded the congregation of his selfless sacrifice towards the cause of Unitarianism in this part of the World.

On Sunday the 12 of June, the Unitarian Church Jowai celebrated the day by organizing a special service at 1:30 PM. The service was chaired by Langkioo Laloo, led by Lynruki Laloo and Rev. H.H.Mohrmen spoke on the theme taken from H.K.Singh’s own hymn which says “everything that God has created, he did so to teach us.” Rev. Mohrmen concluded that by this H.K.Singh meant that the entire creation can teach us many things and the nature and everything in heaven and on earth are God’s revelation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

H.K. Sigh 146 birth Anniversary on the 15 of June.

H.K. Singh 146 birth anniversary will be celebrated at the Unitarian Church Madan Laban, Shillong at 1 PM. Ma Roosevelt Pariat will be the speaker on the occasion.

The Jowai Church will celebrate the day on Sunday the 12 of June at 1:30 PM. I will preach in the service and the sermon will on H.K.Sigh’s understand of the nature vis-à-vis Khasi Pnar concept of Mother Nature. I will give you a clue, the sermon is based on the hymn that HK Sigh himself composed; hymn no 61. This is another new study that show how HKS was influenced by the indigenous concept of nature. Wish me luck. Sorry you will not be there to hear it. But I will post in on my blog.

To rwai ia U Blei, Trai ki bneng bad khyndew
Ia jingstad bakhraw jong U ym lah ban thew
Ki jingthaw baroh ha pyrthei ne ha bneng,
Ki pynpaw ia ka burom jong U Kylleng.

To rwai ia U Blei, Trai ki khlur bad ki bnai
Ha U dap tang Burom, ka Hok bad Jingshai
Kiei kiei baroh kiba ngi iohi,
Ula bun khnang ban ai jinghikai ia ngi.