This is a Unitarian Church
Sad State of Unitarian Church Kyllapamti
Dear UUNEI members and friends,
I feel sad and pity to see that our church at Kyllapamti is like a cowshed (see pictures attached) though it was founded more than a decade ago. I have visited this church twice from the date I took charge as a minister for the Ri Bhoi Circle which have ten congregations along with many scattered unitarian individuals. There are eight families in this particular church with about 40 members including the adults and children. The Unitarian School which was just started there had faced a problem due to unavailability of a qualified teacher. The church also faced many problems due to illiterate leaders. The women who knew how to read and write are busy with their children. Therefore, regular worship service for them is very hard.
Fortunately, Mr. Joshua Mynsong, our Church Secretary from Khyndewso Unitarian Church, on the 14th November 2010, which is about 1 hour walk from Kyllapamti, agreed and accepted to visit this church at least once a month so as to enable them to have a regular service and also to guide them how to conduct the service whenever he is not around. I think some sort of recognition, in any form, from the UUNEI Office is needed to inspire and encourage him for the passion and determination he had made for our church at Kyllapamti and also Khyndewso.
Is there anybody from any church of ours here or my friends from abroad who are ready to volunteer and pay a visit to our fellow Unitarians at Kyllapamti, Laitsyiar, Umru, 18-Mer, Umtyrnga, Pahamrioh, Nongtarian, and Klew to bridge our Unitarian movement? These congregations are small and remote. These congregations are in need of so much inspirations, guidance and a feeling of belongingness among us. As a minister in-charge of many churches i cannot meet them very often as i have to move to all these congregations in a specified time. Thus, I would really appreciate if any one comes forward with a commitment to pay a visit and i will surely chalk out the program together. You can write to me at, or call me at 98634-96564 anytime.
I will leave all these in God's guidance and blessing, for I know without His Vision, I am nowhere and my work is useless.
With love and regards to you all,
Nangroi Suting