Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Seasons Greetings !

Seasons Greetings to one and All 


H.H.Mohrmen and Family 

The Unitarian Union North East India

Horiwell Ingtih Assistant Minister UUNEI Karbi Sub-Circle Passed Away

Horiwell Ingtih 1941-2010
Horiwell Ingtih the senior most Assistant Minister of the Unitarian Union Karbi Sub Circle died peacefully at his residence in Langdup Anglong (Umkhyrmi) village on December 13. He was survived by his wife kong Norisa Teronpih, his son Coliwell Ingith and two daughters.
His funeral service was conducted by Rev. H.H. Mohrmen at the Unitarian church of Koma Anglong in the presence of a huge gathering on December15. Ma Horiwell has been a minister of the churches in the Karbi Anglong district of Assam for more than three decades now. He was 69 when he breath his last.
Horiwell with his family
The solemn ceremony in the church which was part of the last rites was conducted in two language Khasi and Karbi and others who took part in the service were Mr. Johnson Kothar Assistant Minister, M.S. Kothar lay leader, Hes Bongrung teacher of the church, ma N. Shylla from Jowai and Lincoln Sawian Assistant Minister UUNEI.
Condolence messages from the Unitarian Union North East India, Faith Development Committee UUNEI, Women's Wing UUNEI, Youth Wing UUNEI was read by ma Biren Sing Kothar.

Monday, December 20, 2010

12 Conference of the Women's Wing of the UUNEI

Women Group from Jowai Church
Rev. C. Lyngdoh handed over the award to kong Molti fere Rani
The Conference of the Women Wing of the Unitarian Union under the banner of the Seng Kynthei Unitarian Union came to a close last Sunday December 19, at the Unitarian Church, Tynring. It is the 12 edition of the conference which was organized once in two years. Dr. Creamlimon Nongbri the Secretary of the Women’ wing said “the Conference was very warm and solemn. It was well attended and it was grand as we had all the Officials of the Unitarian Union, the Women's wing and the Youth Wing with all the Ministers and Asst.Ministers and a big attendance from all the churches in Khasi and Jaintia Hllls.. The services were very inspiring and for the first time we had all women participated in all the order of services including speakers, moderators”. It is indeed an all women show but the highlight of the programe was the presentation of the award to kong Moltifera Rani the founder secretary of the Seng Kynthei UUNEI who served the women group for a record 12 years since its inception. The award was handed over to kong Molti by Rev. C. Lyngdoh. Kong Mol as she is lovingly called by those close to her is a tacher by profession but she has immensely contributed towards the progress of the Unitarian Union.  Another unique thing about this particular women conference is that women groups from Jowai, Madan Laban, Puriang also presented their special number during the services. The women from Jowai with their traditional fineries add color to the grand show.
Women of the Madan Laban Church, Shillong
Section of the crowd
The Conference which was started on Saturday draw to a close on Sunday evening and on the holyday there were three services in which all the participants are women from the different churches in the Union. Rev. The Conference was started with the President of the Women wing unfurling the flag of the Womean group. Latter in the day the Women's representatives from different part of the state met for the Annual Board meeting of the Seng Kynthei Unitarian Union. Nangroi Suting Minister Unitarian Union said “It is an honor to let you know that the 12th Annual Conference of the Women's Wing held at Tynring Unitarian Church today is so solemn and grand. My quess is about 2000 more or less people attended the Conference. The weather is with the people, the environment as a whole brings this gathering to a wonderful and successful ending. Our main speaker is Miss. Newyork Nongbri, a retired lecturer. Though it is a Women's Conference, the one great thing that I admire of the conference is the good attendance of men both young adults and adults. Congratulations to the officials and all members of the Women's Wing for making this spiritual worship service a success”.

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Unitarian Church in Padu Consecrated

The new Unitarian Church in the village of Padu about 40 kilometer away from Jowai was consecrated by the Rev. P.G. Marbaniang Assistant General Secretary of the Unitarian Union and the service was lead by Rev. H.H.Mohrmen. The reconstruction of the new church building was started in the year 2006 and the consecration service was held on December 5, 2010. The congregation comprises the members of the churches from the Jingiaseng Kynphamlang Jowai Circle which include the Jowai Church, the Mukhap Church, the Nongtalang Church, the Sohkha Church and the new fellowship of Ksehrynchang.
The second service of the day was organized by the Jingiaseng Kynphamlang Unitarian Jowai Circle.
Unitarian Church Padu will also be the venue for the next General Annual Conference of the Unitarian Union North East India and the Conference will also co-inside with the Closing ceremony of the Centenery celebration of the Unitarian Church, Padu. The Annual Conference and the Closing of the Centenary celebration will be on the February 5 and the 6.

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