Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stephen Mukhim MDC inaugurated Self Help Group Awareness at Padu

 Stephen Mukhim MDC inaugurated Self Help Group Awareness at Padu
The Padu Khliehshnonng Welfare Organisation (PKWO) in collaboration with the Self Help Resource Group of the Unitarian Church Social Service Committee organized one day awareness on the important of Self Help Group (SHG) at the Community hall of Padubah in the presence of a large gathering which includes Member of District Council War West Mr. Stephen Mukhim, Shlur Mukhim the Headman of Padu village and host of dignitaries.  
Ohiwot Mukhim
Speaking as the Chief Guest of the function, Stephen Mukhim expresses his gratitude to both the organization for being able to conduct the awareness programme on the important of Self Help Group in the Padu village. He hoped that the awareness will help the local people understand the importance of SHG and the methods how to form the same. The MDC has also reminded the people present in the gathering of the fact that getting government job is very difficult so people especially in the rural areas can form SHG and create employment avenues for themselves. He also informed the gathering that in almost all government livelihood programmes, government priority was to help the SHG first. Others who spoke at the inaugural function were Shephang Pohshna Secretary PKWO, Ohiwot Mukhim Treasurer PKWO, Shlur Mukhim headman and Rev. H.H.Mohrmen and the function was presided over by Bestmi Khonglah PKWO President.
Headman Shlur Mukhin
The second session was business session in which B. Warbah and W.Mylliemnga of the Unitarian Union Social Service Committee Self Help Resource Group (UUSSC SHRG) provided a power point presentation to introduce the concept of SHG to those gathering and the method how to start one.  Leaders of the UUSSC SHRG has promised to lent the organization helping hand to support the group who wish to form SHG. Warbah has also informed the gathering that UUSSC SHRG will render support the groups by conducting training on bookkeeping, writing and recording minutes of the meetings and leadership training. 
Rev. H.H.Mohrmen

Stephen Mukhim MDC

Puriang Water Supply a great help for the people

The month of February to April is a dry season for the Khasi Jaintia Hills District, this is the time of the year that people in many place have to walk miles to collect water or to wash their linen. In the past people of Puriang village particularly young boys and girls has to walk a distance and wait for a long time to collect water from the few drinking water wells in the village. 
After certain person has collected water in his container, the next in the queue has to wait many hours for the water well to replenish for him to be able to collect water. In the process young boys and girls studies suffers because they have to spend good many hours collecting water for kitchen use.
However this has change now, people can now collect water from water tap near their homes. Even in dry season young people no longer have to walk to water well and wait on a queue for hour’s together jus for a bucket of water. Thanks to the three days Community Capacity Building programme sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax Virginia (UUCF), the community was able to pressurize their local leaders including the MLA and the PHE department to complete the construction of the village water supply.
Puriang is now receiving a regular water supply on the community water tap present in many part of the village.

On the 15 of March UUPCC 2012 Pilgrimage to the Khasi Jaintia Hills also visited the Unitarian Church and Unitarian Secondary School, Puriang on the way to Nartiang and Jowai. 

UUPCC 2012 Pilgrimage to the Khasi Jaintia Hills also visited the Unitarian Church and Unitarian Secondary School, Puriang on the way to Nartiang and Jowai.