Thursday, October 28, 2010

Indian Council o Unitarian Churches, India.

Unitarianism in India is not a new phenomenon; in fact it is more than 200 year now since the first Unitarian church in India was started. The first Unitarian in India was not in the Khasi Hills but the Unitarian Christian Church in Chennai (earlier Madras). The history of the Unitarian Christian Church in Chennai is as romantic as its other counterpart in India and elsewhere. The church was started by a layman whose journey in search of truth started from a humble beginning. William Robert was born of a Hindu parent and brought up by a Muslim family; he was then took as a slave to England and attends Unitarian Churches in that Country. On returning back to his native land, he started the Unitarian Christian Church Madras on the 19 December 1795.

The Unitarian Christian Church Chennai is currently involve in three projects, namely the Evening School for poor and underprivileged children of the area, the Sewing, Knitting and Embroidery Training for Women of the region (also a regular evening programme) and the day School for Children in the village.

Unitarian Christian Church,
Address: Menad Street, Purusa Walkam, Chennai – 7, Tamil Nadu, India
Minister: Rev. Harrison Kingsley
No. 12, Thousand Lights, Azizmulk, 4th Street, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Ph. No. 28293661 e – mail: ; ;

A new fellowship is also coming up in the city of Erode in the same state of Tamil Nadu in India. The newly ordained minister is Rev. Dr. Francis Manuraj and his E-mail is

The ICUC or the Indian Council of Unitarian Churches is a National body of the Unitarians in India. It was founded on the 12 December 1987. The Council organises a Conference of the Unitarians in India, which meet ones every two years. The Office of the ICUC is presently housed at the Office of the Unitarian Union, Jowai –793150, Meghalaya, India.
Publication: ICUC also publishes its quarterly Newsletter in English called ICUC Bulletin.

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