Friday, November 5, 2010

Unitarian Union North East India Education Project

Children of Unitarian LP School Padu
The Unitarian Union Education outreach programme was started from the beginning of the Unitarian movement in the hills. Hajom Kissor Singh Lyngdoh Nongbri the founder of the Church started a day school in Jowai just after he had established Unitarianism in the town. The School which last for few years only was known as the Unitarian Free School, Jowai. The Unitarian Free School is the predecessor of the H.K.Singh Memorial Secondary School, Jowai which was started in the year 1967.
Later on the arrival of late Annie Margaret Barr from England has helped in the development and progress of the Education Projects of the Unitarian Union North East India. Initially most of the schools were sponsored by the International Association of Religious Freedom (IARF), but now the schools were supported by the Government of Meghalaya and the Partner Churches from across the sea. The Education Project of the Unitarian Union is being run by the school’s respective managing committee and the function of the all the schools is being monitored by the Education Committee of the Unitarian Union. Kong N. Nongbri is the Chairperson and Dr. C. Nongbri is the Secretary of the Committee.
The Education Committee of the Unitarian Union now runs 37 Lower Primary Schools, 10 Upper Primary Schools and 4 Secondary Schools. There are thousands of students from all caste, creed, religious, and ethnic background in all the Unitarians Schools.
Two of the LP schools are in the Karbi Anglong District of Assam and another School is at the Karimganj town of Cachar District of Assam.
The members of the Education Committee are:
Karunakaroi Lamarr, DKB Mukhim, Ohiwot Laloo, Wanpher Mutyen, Phromiwell Lyngdoh, Teiborlang Passah, Player Myrboh, and Moltifera Rani.

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