Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Horiwell Ingtih Assistant Minister UUNEI Karbi Sub-Circle Passed Away

Horiwell Ingtih 1941-2010
Horiwell Ingtih the senior most Assistant Minister of the Unitarian Union Karbi Sub Circle died peacefully at his residence in Langdup Anglong (Umkhyrmi) village on December 13. He was survived by his wife kong Norisa Teronpih, his son Coliwell Ingith and two daughters.
His funeral service was conducted by Rev. H.H. Mohrmen at the Unitarian church of Koma Anglong in the presence of a huge gathering on December15. Ma Horiwell has been a minister of the churches in the Karbi Anglong district of Assam for more than three decades now. He was 69 when he breath his last.
Horiwell with his family
The solemn ceremony in the church which was part of the last rites was conducted in two language Khasi and Karbi and others who took part in the service were Mr. Johnson Kothar Assistant Minister, M.S. Kothar lay leader, Hes Bongrung teacher of the church, ma N. Shylla from Jowai and Lincoln Sawian Assistant Minister UUNEI.
Condolence messages from the Unitarian Union North East India, Faith Development Committee UUNEI, Women's Wing UUNEI, Youth Wing UUNEI was read by ma Biren Sing Kothar.

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