Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plielad Lyngdoh: The Doyen of Unitarian Union is no more

P. Lyngdoh last photograph with Rev.H.H.Mohrmen
Plielad Lyngdoh of the Unitarian Church Sohkha passed away on the January 25, 2011 at his residence in the Sohkha village at 6 o’clock in the morning after a brief illness. A teacher by profession ma Plielad or Babu hep as he is known by his students is the only Unitarian who had received a National Award for teacher and the second from the entire War Jaintia Community. He retired as the Headmaster of the Sohkha Government Secondary School, Sohkha and was conferred the national Award on September 5, 1990 by the President of India.
Service for Consecration of Unitarian Church Padu
In the Unitarian Community ma Plielad will be remembered for his contribution to the monthly magazine of the Unitarian Union and his enlightened sermon. He served as the Editor of the U Nongwad for more than 30 years. Till very recently he still send article for the magazine, in fact the current issue of Nongwad will carry one of his lattes article. Like H.K. Singh ma Plielad is also a Homeopath practitioner.
I have just returned from Sohkha to arrange for his funeral which will be on January 27, 2011. His demised will be of a great loss to the Unitarian Union, to the Sohkha Church which is in the India-Bangladesh border and to all who know him. Ma Plielad who was born on the July the 18, 1937 is survived by his 2 daughters and three sons and many grand children.
Please send condolence to the address: hh_mohrmen@yahoo.com.

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