Saturday, March 19, 2011

Community Capacity Building Warkshop at Nongtalang Village

The 2 days Community Capacity Building Workshop organised by the Unitarian Union NEI Social Service Committee was held at Nongtalang on the 11 and 12 of March 2011. The Workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Lahkmen Rymbui the member of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly who represent the Nongtalang area. The inaugural function was adressed by David Warjri coordinator of the programme, Brigitte Pieke and Peri Ceperley from the Unitarian Univeralist Congregation of Urbana and was chaired by Rev. H.H.Mohrmen.

On the first day the villagers were introduce the mapping exercise in which they divided into four groups and the two groups were asked to sketch the map of their village and the another two groups were assigned the job of analyzing the institutions available in the village.

The next day the villagers were given the exercise to identify and note the accomplishments and the needs of the village.Then they were asked analyze the needs and ranged the need pair-wise.

The next part of the workshop was designed to design an action plan followed by discussion on programme implementation.

About 80 people attend the worshop and all those attend took part enthusiastically. By the end of the day villagers who attend the workshop were given opportunity to express their feeling about the workshop. Heavenly War a teacher of a St. Joseph School, Nongtalang said that it was the first time that he ever attend a workshop of this kind. They wish to have more workshop like this one in the near future which will benefit the villagers.

The Workshop was  organised by the Unitarian Union North East India Social Service Committee and the entire programme was facilitated by Young Unitarians trained in community capacity building.

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