Monday, August 29, 2011

18 September : Unitarian Church Anniversary Day

Hajom Kissor Singh Lyngdoh Nongbri
Every year on the 18 of September Unitarians in Meghalaya and Assam and now even in Bangladesh celebrates the founding anniversary of the church with pomp and gaiety. In a nutshell the first Unitarian Church in the region was started by H.K.Singh and three of his followers u Mar Sutnga, ka men Hirbon Lakadong and u Kat Chylla in the house of Kat Chylla at Jowai on the 18th of September 1887. That was the first time that a Unitarian service was held in the region and the occasion was celebrated by the Unitarians in the area since then. The 18th of September is also a public holiday in the state of Meghalaya.

The Anniversary of the founding of the church was the most important day for the Unitarians in this part of the world. Unlike our fellow Unitarians the world over, the Unitarian in this region do not celebrate Christmas, Easter or any Christian festivals therefore the Anniversary day is the most important day for the Unitarians here.

Churches in the area started the celebration by organizing home services in the residence of each member of the congregation. Some Churches started their home-service since the beginning of the month of August and some like Jowai Church started yesterday. During the evening there will be services the entire weeks till the 18 of September.

On the red letter day churches organized different kind of celebration which may include a community feast.

May I request to our members who can access internet to share photographs of your church’s celebration on this facebook page. 

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