Monday, November 7, 2011

Nangroilang Charitable Trust distribute financial help

 Nangroilang Charitable a Trust, a trust supported by the Unitarian Church, Puriang and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax Virginia had today extended financial support to 20 individuals of Puriang village.
The trust which was started in the year 2007 has been able to provide financial support to more than 50 residents of the village since the year of its inception. The trust was started with the support of the then Sordar of the village Mr. Keb Mynsong and Mariabait Marboh as the general secretary in the year 2007.
Today 20 residents of the village which includes children, men and women were presented with a financial support by the Sordar of the Village Mr. Atlas Kharlukhi.  Recipients of the benefits include 4 children who are mentally challenged, one girl who is hearing impaired and many men and women who has suffered from chronic ailments.
Financial support was also provided to person who has lost his house to fire and another who has lost his house due to rain storm.
Speaking on the occasion the headman of the village, wishes that the trust will be able to lend their support to individual in need in the future too. The Sordar also lauded the Trust for extending its support to the deserving resident of the villages irrespective of their religious affiliation. The meeting which was held at the Unitarian Secondary School, Puriang was chaired by Rev. H.H.Mohrmen. 


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