Monday, December 19, 2011

30th Annual Conference of the Langduk Anglong Sub-Circle and Silver Jubilee celebration of the Unitarian Church Jirikyndeng.

On the 17th and 18th of December 2011, the Unitarians in the Karbi Anglong District, Assam met at the Unitarian Church Jirikyndeng for the 30th Annual Conference of the Longduk Anglong Sub-Circle. The Meet also coincides with the celebration of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Unitarian Church Jirikyndeng which was established in the year 1986.

On Saturday the celebration started with the hoisting of the Longduk Anglong Sub-Circle flag followed by the unfurling the Jirikyndeng Silver Jubilee Celebration flag by the founder of the church ma Basa Timung.
A service was held in the Church and at the same time the booklet to commemorate the silver jubilee of the church was released by Sarsing Kathar.
On Sunday the 18th a morning prayer was held at the church premises and in the afternoon in the service in the presence of a large gathering, Karbi Unitarian new Hymnal was consecrated and released for church use by Rev. H.H.Mohrmen. It was a joyous occasion for the members of the Unitarian Churches in the Karbi Anglong District of Assam to have a new hymnbook. The new revised hymnbook is much bigger than the earlier hymnal and this is the second hymnbook of the Karbi Unitarians.
Credit for the new hymnbook goes to the leaders of the Karbi Churches which includes Johnsoh Kothar, (late) Horiwell Ingtih, ma B.S. Kothar, ma Chondro Singh Kro, ma Rajen Milik, Saringh S. Kathar, L.S. Kro, Biren S. Kathar, Mohon Singh Kathar, Ellisar Bongrung, Akehai Ra Ingtih, Klirtdap Ingtih and others.

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