Monday, February 21, 2011

New School Building of a small Unitarian Fellowship

The Unitarian fellowship in Ksehrynchang village was started in the year 2004, the founder of the fellowship Mr. Gladliness Shylla started a school in the year 2005. Initially the school was started in  Gladliness  own residence, but now they have their own building. Rev. Gail Seavey from Tennessee, her husband Jim and Rev. Lindy Latham from Bristol UK visited the School on the 14th of February 2011. 
Ksenrynchang is a village on the way from Jowai to Khanduli which connects Assam with Meghalaya. Ksehrynchang is also near Nartiang the vaillage famous for the Monolithich park where we have the larges collection of monoliths in the state of Meghalaya. The village of Nartiang is also famous for the Durga temple which is belived to be one of the oldest and owes it origin to the myth in the Ramayana. It is also believed that the earswhile King of Jaintia use to perform human sacrifice in the temple.

There are more than 70 children in the school with 3 teachers. The two teachers are being paid by the Government from the Sarva Siksha Abhyan (SSA) scheme and another teacher is being paid from the fund of the Unitarian Union.
The new school building was sponsored by the Governement of India Centrally sponsored scheme called the SSA or the Universalisation of Education. Gladliness is a physically challenge man, he converted to Unitarian church from a Presbyterian Church and his wife wad from a Traditional Indegineous religion. 

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