Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday School Jowai Trip to Mawlynnong the cleanest village

The Unitarian Church Jowai Sunday School on the 19 of February went for a trip to Mawlynnong village in the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya. Mawlynnong is to the south of Shillong on the India-Bangladesh border and in between Dawki/Dauki and Pynursla.

Mawlynnong a village of about 80 families with a population of a little more than 500 people is now a new tourist destination in Meghalaya. Mawlynnong’s Unique Selling point (USP) is that it is the cleanest village in the state if not in the entire country and I can only say that the village lives to its reputation. But add to that the village in also adjacent to two nature wonders, the famous living roots bridge and the fall. But before we go that far in the village it self there is so much to see, a walk down towards the border will take one to next village from where one can see a view of Bangladesh. Then there is a skywalk, a bridge made out of bamboo joining several big trees where one can climb up to see the village skyline and Bangladesh on a clear sky.
We start from Jowai at 7 in the morning and travel via Amlarem and Dawki and cross the famous river Umngot to see the Bangladesh which is just a stone throw away. Then we proceed towards Mawlynnong on the National Highway 40 which connects Dawki with Shillong. Mawlynnong is may be about 20 KM from Dawki and Dawki is 50 KM away from Jowai. A drive to Mawlynnong is a feast for the eye, the entire surrounding is green even in February which is the driest part of the year in Meghalaya and it is like they clean and green. Mawlynnong is unlike any other village, apart from its cleanness, the village looks calm and peaceful. The Episcopalian Church (Church of North India) which was built in the year 1901 is so beautiful. The most important thing is the villagers, the people of Mawlynnong are friendly and unlike in the many villages where children will run away from strangers, the children in Mawlynnong will talk to you if you want to start a conversation but if you wish to be on your own too, they will walk their way.

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  1. Really Mawlynnong is a beautiful village. I have visited this village which is really neat and clean and the hospitality of the villagers are very good. I never seen in India this type of picturesque village.All villagers are using their own basket which is in front of their house.

    Anjan Sengupta.