Friday, June 15, 2012

Opening Ceremony of the Quasqui Centenary of the First Unitarian Church in Assam and Meghalaya

Unitarian Church, Jowai Youths 
The celebration of the quasqui centenary of the first Unitarian Church in Assam and Meghalaya was today launched by Prof R.C. Laloo Minister in charge Education etc government of Meghalaya at a glittering ceremony held at the Church Campus. The church which was started on September 18, 1887 by a native of the place Hajom Kissor Singh Lyngdoh Nongbri will organize a yearlong celebration which will culminate on the grand occasion of the Annual General Conference of the Unitarian Union on February 9 and 10, 2013. 

Rev. S.Laloo 
Section of the guest seated
 R.Pariat in his opening speech said, today that June 15, is also the 147 birth anniversary of H.K. Singh Lyngdoh Nongbri who was not only a pioneer of the liberal church in the area, but a man of literature par excellence. H.K. Singh was born to Borsing Malngiang and ka Bida Nongbri on the June 15, 1865 at Saitsohpen, Cherapunjee. H.K. Singh live when the Khasi literature was at its nascent stage and being a native speaker he has immensely contributed to the development of Khasi literature, this was noted by the only journal during those day ‘U Khasi Mynta’. H.K. Singh has composed 63 Khasi hymns and has helped R.S. Berry in compiling the Khasi Etiquette (Ka Jingsneng tymmen), and along with Robin Roy; the duo has also written a booklet entitled ‘Ka kot jingkylli Balyngkot Shaphang ka Niam mane Wei Blei.’ But H.K.Singh’s major contribution was the completion of the first Khasi English Dictionary which was initially started by his younger brother u Nissor Singh. Nissor who died while he was serving as the inspector of school in Garo hill was not able to complete the dictionary and it was left to his elder brother to complete the work that they have both started with the support of the British government then.
Youths and Children of the Sunday School Ladthalaboh 

Prof R.C. Laloo deliver a inaugural speech
Speaking of the occasion, Prof Laloo said that he feel bless that he was able to associated with the church 25 years ago when in the year 1987 the church celebrate its centenary and now again he was able to join the members of the church on the inauguration of its 125 anniversary. Laloo was also glad that Unitarianism was first started in the town that he was born and represents, “it was a proud part of the history of Jowai, the town where I was born” Laloo said. He encouraged those gather in the church to follow the footstep of the late H.K. Singh who literarily practiced what he preached. Laloo also said that he feel humble and happy to be with the church in this august gathering. As the motto of the church says ‘keep on progressing’ (To Nangroi), he hopes that the church will grow in leaps and bound in the days to come. Laloo also lauded the youths of the church for the beautiful songs that they presented he said songs not only sooth the spirit but are also messages that speaks much better than any speech can say.
Section of the crowd
Rev. Derrick P. Pariat President UUNEI
In commemoration the occasion of its 125 anniversary; the church decided to build a Quasqui Centennial Social Hall and the church has sanctioned Rupees 10,00000 (ten lakh) for the project. Unveiling the tablet to commemorate the launching of the project, Prof Laloo declared to allot rupees 5 lakhs to support the church in completing the project. The Celebration which was launched today by the honourable minister will be celebrated the whole year and will culminate on the 10 of February 2013 when the church play host to the annual conference of the Unitarian Union. The gathering was chaired by R.Pariat Chairman of the Church Committee and others who spoke on the occasion were Rev. S.Laloo, Rev. D.Pariat and T.Passah secretary of the church. The celebration was a grand success although there was downpour through out the day. 

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