Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Strong wind and heavy rain rendered people homeless

People said that they only read in the newspaper about the flood in Assam and Bangladesh, but what we seems to forget that the flood in the plain areas adjacent to Meghalaya and other hilly state of Northeast India flow down to the plain to flood the entire region. The flood in Bangladesh and Assam is due to the heavy rainfall in the hills.

On June 26, 2012 torrential rain and strong wind hit certain area on the India-Bangladesh border and the village that was badly affected was the New Nonglamin village near Nongtalang. 14 houses were destroyed which include the houses of Ms Long Lyngdoh, Ms Doh Kasar, Ms Lawdoh Pohti, Ms Liliy Bareh, Ms Hat Lyngdoh, Ms Sansi Lyngdoh, Ms India Lyngdoh, Ms Siang Bareh, Ms Phir Bareh, Ms Teki Lyngdoh, Ms Highness Myrchiang, Ms Norita Lyngdoh, Mr Jako Sautan, and Mr Ram Myrchiang.

 Of the 14 affected families, 5 were Unitarian families who live in the village and they include Ms Siang Bareh, Ms Highness Myrchiang, Mr Jako Sautan, Ms Hat Lyngdoh and Ms Long Lyngdoh. Of the 5 families; 2 were rendered homeless till today and they have to take shelter in their relative’s houses. Highness Myrchiang told me that the unfortunate incident occurred at around 2 Am in the morning and most of them they have to take shelter in their relatives and neighbours houses. Siang Bareh who also has a son who is bedridden said that when the strong carry the roof of the entire house, she was in the state of shock and couldn’t not thing of anything but to take her kids to a safer place. She said she just place her immovable son in a safe place and cover him with a cardboard to protect him from rain and then she kept her other kids to a safe place till the day dawn.

On Sunday July 2, Rev. H.H.Mohrmen accompanied by Rev. S.Laloo and Leiki Suchiang the Assistant Minister in the presence of Enial Lyngdoh another Assistance Minister provided immediate relief to the affected Unitarian families. Each family received rupees 5000/- from the fund of the Social Service Committee and another 1200/ from the Sengkynphamlang Jowai Circle. In total each family received rupees 6200/- each. The two families Ms Siang Bareh and Ms Long Lyngdoh still need much help to get their house repair and the family till now took shelter in their relative’s house.

Our gratitude to the Rev. Derrick P. Pariat president of the Unitarian Union Northeast India, Rev. Nangroi Suting general secretary, Rev. D. Khriam treasurer, kong Karunakaroi Lamarr, kong Elgiva Shullai and the entire Social Service committee for their prompt action to provide the much needed help from the committee. Our gratitude is also extended to Mr. N. Shullai, Mr. T.Passah, Mr. Marki Passah and the entire Sengkynphamlang Jowai circle for rendering immediate help to the affected families. 

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