Sunday, August 26, 2012

Leaders of the Unitarian Church Jowai visited the District Jail on Independence Day

Members of the Unitarian Church, Jowa Church Committee including some youths of the Church visited the Jaintia District Jail on the August 15, 2012 the day India celebrate its independence. The Church organized the visit to the prison as part of its prison ministry and the visit was made possible by the permission duly granted by the District Administration, the Jailor and Assistant Jailor of the District Jail.

The leaders of the Church under the leadership of its Chairman Shri R. Pariat, Minister Rev. H.H. Mohrmen, Rev. S. Laloo and others including representatives from the Government which include the Superintendent of Excise, and the Assistant Director Supply Jaintia Hills District visited the jail complex after the main Independence day celebration was held at Jrisalein Play ground, Jowai.

The visit to the prison was started with a meeting chaired by L. Nampui Superintendent of Excise government of Meghalaya Jaintia hills district and then followed by a speech by R. Pariat Chairman of the Unitarian Church, Jowai Church Committee. Speaking in the meeting Pariat informed the inmates that the church organize this meeting as part of the Church celebration of the 125 Anniversary of the founding of the Church in the Khasi Jaintia and Karbi Anlong District which falls on September 18. Pariat also said that the church wants the prisoners to know that we respect them and pray that they are blessed with good health.

The Church also distributed gifts to the 127 inmates in the district Jail Jaintia hills district and 3 female inmates in the lady’s home.

 The members of the church also had the opportunity to talk to inmates who are willing to talk to them. Over all it is a good experience for the Church to make this visit to the neglected section of the society, it is also a gesture from the church to the inmates to show them that there are people who care for them.

 The team which visited the prison also includes, R. Lamarr Vice Chairman of the Church Committee, N. Shylla, T. Passah Secretary Church Committee, D. Kjam Assistant Secretary, D. Syngkon, H. Lamar, Marki Passah member church committee, H.T. Mohrmen youth and others. The visiting team also include media persons from Jowai. 

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