Wednesday, May 4, 2011

58 Annual Youth Conference at Kharang

Group Song presented by the Passah group (The girls are my daughters)

The Seng Samla Unitarian Union Northeast India, an umbrella organisatio of the youths of the Unitarian Union successfully held their annual conference on the 16 and the 17 of April 2011 at the Unitarian Church Kharang which is about 50 kilometers from Shillong.  

Choir group of the Unitarian Church Nongthymmai
The Conference was started on the 16 with the ceremony of hoisting the flag of the Youth wing of the Unitarian Union then followed by the annual board meeting of the youth wing.  Each local youth organization of the church in the Unitarian Union send at least 2 member board to the board of the SSUUNI. On Saturday evening a service was held in Karbi language and the entire service was led by youth leaders from the Unitarian Sub Circle Karbi Anglong, Assam. For those who may not know Karbi is another tribe in Assam and they speak a language different from the Khasi and the Pnar of Jaintia Hills. For example when they greet people they say KARDOM not KHUBLEI. So I assume the service must have been a challenging and interesting one. In fact the Youths has followed this practice for more than two years now.

Award was given to students who did well in their exam
Group Song by the Children of AMCV
Sunday was a hectic day, there was service from 7 in the morning then followed by a service at 10:30 in the morning and then a service at 1:30 in the afternoon. The last service was 6:30 in the evening. The entire show was run by the youths and the Youth Organisation also presented awards to young people who had done very well in their studies. For many years now kong Iaineh Mohrmen past president of the Seng Kynthei UUNI (Women's Wing) donated two awards in memoray of her daughter Late Lasanki Mohrmen and Susanhika Mohrmen who died when they were still studying in the college.

UC Jowai Youth Choir Group
The highlight of the 58 Annual Conference of the Youth Wings are the choir and group song presented by different youth groups from various churches. This year we have a choir presented by the youths of the Unitarian Church Jowai, UC Nongthymmai, UC Madan Laban and a group song presented by the youths of the Unitarian Church Puriang. The highlight of the day was a group song presented by the children of the Annie Margaret Barr Children Village, Kharang which was led by their teacher from the Unitarian LP School Mawsynjri. 

The Annual Conference has proved that our young people can organise and run their own programe with very little help from their elders. I believe that the future of our church in the save hand. I wish our youth group (SSUUNI) more success in the future.

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