Monday, May 9, 2011

H.K. Singh School raised Rupees 8.5 lakh from School Fete

The Managing Comiittee of the H.K. Singh School, Jowai one of the most successful school run by the Unitarian Church, Jowai and the Education Committee of the Unitarian Union has recently organised a fete to raise fund for the school. The school supported by the Unitarian Church, Jowai was able to raised more than 13 lakhs rupees (about $ 29,000), this is a record not only for the school managing committe but even in the entire Jowai town. No orgnisation or school has been able to raise so much money. From the money raised after deducting the expenditure the school still has rupees 8,50,000 (about $ 20,000) in its kitty.
As part of the fetet a lucky draw was also organised in which more than 77,000 tickets were sold in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills. Off the 77,000 who bought tickets, a young Unitarian boy won the prize of a Zuzuki (Maruti) car. The Headmaster of the school handover the prize to the winner. His grandmother bought a ticket for all her grandchildren but this boy won the prize.

H.K.Singh School is one the best run school of the Union and it is also the only school which can support itself. Hopefully other Uitarian School will also be able to be a self supporting school. I think this is another area that the Union and the Education Committee should work to help the schools generate some funds to support themselves. Other schools run by other churches/NGO  are doing the same.

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