Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Visit to a new Unitarian group at Ksehrynchang

The members of the Unitarian Church under the leadership of the Chairman of the Church Committee ma Roosevelt Pariat and the Chairman of the Jingiasengkynphamlang Jowai Circle (or a Jowai District)ma Niwen shylla paid a visit to the new Unitarian group at Ksehrynchang on the 15 of May 2011.

Two services was held on that sunday, the first service was a service peculair only to the Unitarian in Khasi Jaintia, it is called in Khasi (ka jingiaseng pynkyntang iing) which literarily translate to the service of consecration of the new house of the member. Whenever a member move to a new house a service was held to bless and consecrate the house of the membere.The new house consecration service was conducted by Rev. H.H.Mohrmen and house belongs to the first Unitarian of the Village ma Gladliness Shylla.

The Second service was held at the Unitarian School in the village. It is also interesting though we are yet to have our own church building in the village but we already have a school. From now onwards the service which use to be held at the rented house of ma Gladliness will now move to the school building. The second service was conducted by ma Niwen Shylla and ma Roosevelt Pariat preached a sermon. Ma Pariat also welcome a new member to the group and dedicate her baby.
Few new faces from the village also attended the service we hope to have another brand new Unitarian church in the village.

Gladliness who was the first Unitarian of the village came to know about Unitarianism when he was studying in the Unitarian School in Jowai known as H.K.Singh School. He later came into contact with Rev. H.H.Mohrmen and joined the church.

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