Monday, May 16, 2011

Unitarian Charitable Health Centre Madan Laban Health Camp at Mukhap

Unitarian Charitable Health Centre Madan Laban, Shillong (UCHC ML ) organized a one day health camp at the campus of Rev. David Edward Upper Primary School, Mukhap adjacent of the Unitarian Church, Mukhap.  The Health camp which was held on May the 14, 2011 and organized by UCHC ML and Social Justice Outreach programme of the Unitarian Church Madan Laban, Shillong.
Mukhap a village in Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya is about 40 kilometers away from the Jowai the District Headquarter, the people who live in the village are mostly poor farmers who depends their livelihood on agriculture.
The Health Camp was started with a small meeting chaired by Khlanhiwot Lamare Secretary of the Youth Wing of the Unitarian Union Northeast India and was addressed by Dr. Rica Lamarr and vote of thanks was offered by Sniawdeimon Khlem Secretary of the Unitarian Church Mukhap.
Over 200 patients avail the free medical checkup and they were also provided with free medicines by the Charitable Trust. The whole day the two doctors Dr. Rica Lamarr, Dr. Ronald D. Giri Dunai supported by the paramedics which include Elgiva Shullai Retired BSC nurse of the Indian Army and 6 young volunteers, C.B. rani, Aibok Kharsyntiew, Sunabi Nongpiur, Darihun Kharbuli and Pynisha Mylliemngap. All the doctors the paramedics and the volunteers are members of the Unitarian Church, Laban, Shillong.
The entire Unitarian Church, Mukhap joined hand to support the programme, it includes all the elders of the church, the leaders of the youth wings of the church, the teachers of the schools and members of the church. The programme was a grand success, the Unitarian Church, Mukhap expresses its gratitude to the Unitarian Charitable Trust Madan Laban and to all those present in the health camp.

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